David Hockney’s iPad drawings from The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate Woods, East Yorkshire in 2011

1 June–1 September 2020

David Hockney’s iPad drawings from The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate Woods, East Yorkshire in 2011 chronicle the transition from winter to summer.  Enjoying the ability to draw freely ‘en plein air’, he recorded with dynamism, the transforming landscape.  Hockney’s signature use of line and colour renders the English landscape in vibrant hues, brilliantly capturing the newly budding trees and blossoming flowers of spring, raindrops in a puddle or a dusting of snow.  

First shown during Hockney’s seminal exhibition, A Bigger Picture, at the Royal Academy, London in 2012, the iPad drawings have become an integral part of Hockney’s practice, demonstrating his unwavering exploration into the possibilities of new technologies in image-making and cementing his reputation as a pioneering artist. 

The 49 iPad drawings in this series are printed at a size of 139.7 x 105.4 cm (framed size: 146.5 x 112cm) and are in an edition of 25. Each work is signed and numbered by David Hockney and framed in a dark wooden frame under UV protective plexi glass. 

To enquire about these works, please contact Nina Fellmann nina@annelyjudafineart.co.uk.