Artist profile

Ella Bergmann-Michel

Ella Bergmann-Michel studied art in Weimar, Germany, and set up a studio there in 1918. The following year she married the artist Robert Michel. Together they pioneered the use of collage using photographs. Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp included their work in Société Anonyme, a collection of works by mostly European Dada artists. In 1920 Bergmann-Michel moved to Vockenhausen, near Frankfurt. She concentrated on ink drawings and photo-collages, working primarily in the abstract Constructivist style. In the early 1930s she made several short documentary films, then she devoted herself to agricultural work on her family's property during the Nazi era from 1933 until 1945, resuming her artistic career thereafter. 


Born in Paderborn, Germany
Started experimenting with a collage technique in the constructivist style
Hochschule für Bildende Künste
Married Robert Michel
Died in Eppstein, Germany