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Gustav Klucis

Klucis is a Latvian born Constructivist artist who worked across all media alongside his wife Valentina Kulagina. He studied under Kasimir Malevich and Antoine Pevsner. Klucis was at the forefront of political photo-montage works and claimed to have invented the genre along side other artists; German Dadaists Hanna Hoech, Raoul Haussman and the Russian artist El Lissitzky. Furthermore he was, together with his wife, very much involved in the production of Soviet propaganda art, which later was subsumed into bolstering the cult of Stalin. Nevertheless he was executed on Stalin's orders in 1938 in Moscow.


Born in Ķoņi parish, near Rūjiena
Art studies under Kazimir Malevich and Antoine Pevsner
Met and married Valentina Kulagina
Graduated from the state-run art school VKhUTEMAS
Professor of color theory at the art school VKhUTEMAS
Died in Moscow

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