Archived exhibition
4th Floor Gallery

Lesley Foxcroft

29 October–19 December 2015

Annely Juda Fine Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Lesley Foxcroft in the fourth floor galleries.

Lesley Foxcroft works with basic materials such as card, paper, packing material and MDF, often folding, cutting, pressing, stacking or layering the material. Sixteen new works in this exhibition further Foxcroft’s exploration of MDF and, for the first time at an Annely Juda exhibition, she will introduce black MDF and lino.

Working with the architecture of the gallery, Foxcroft’s sculptures unfurl from the wall or corner of the room, subtly altering one’s experience of the space. Whilst MDF and lino are usually associated with mass production, Foxcroft’s sculptures have an earthly quality in their neutral colour palette, in contrast to their clean lines and edges. The works evoke minimalist paintings, with their play on geometric shapes, and effortlessly transform the two-dimensional into the three-dimensional through a simple fold or bend. ‘Poor’ materials are key to Foxcoft’s practise. As she states, “I work with simple, everyday materials and use them to make something new, a work that does not rely on the quality or beauty of a product”. The results are works with a delicate presence that sets them apart from other sculptures.

Foxcroft studied at Camberwell School of Fine Art and has exhibited widely throughout Europe since 1974. This is her third exhibition with Annely Juda Fine Art and coincides with a solo exhibition, Corners, at CHELSEA Space, London until October 30th.