Archived exhibition
4th Floor Gallery

Peter Kalkhof

17 January–16 February 2002

This exhibition of paintings and works on paper was made by Peter Kalkhof  during the last two years. Peter has been exhibiting with Annely Juda Fine Art since 1967, his last exhibition here being in 1997. 

Peter has travelled the world extensively, often to wild and remote regions.  His paintings present a personal response to his experiences of space, earth, sky and the relationships between them - visually as well as spiritually. The title of the current show 'Horizons' reflects his continuing interest in landscape, light and colour.  Through the juxtaposition of intense colours, or with the incremental increase of  saturation, the works haâve an immediate and vivid visual impact based on opposition; light/dark, reflection/absorption, outerspace/earth.

Through geometrical forms and the considered use of colour he continues to draw a strong influence from the Russian Avant Garde,  Kandinsky and the De Stijl artists. The recent works, however, incorporate fresh media. The inclusion of such elements as vinyl records, egg boxes, holographic paper, and compact discs increase the awareness of surface, depth and material. Light reflecting from these surfaces gives the works a contemporary dynamism and so making pointed reference to modern society - its materials and its materialism.