Archived exhibition
3rd Floor Gallery

David Nash
Lines and Smudges

6 September–6 October 2012

In this exhibition we are showing Nash’s works on paper exclusively. The exhibition consists of over 40 drawings and gives a unique insight into David Nash’s work through the medium of drawing. He uses traditional media like charcoal and pastel, but also materials from his surroundings such as mud which he smudges on the paper linking his drawings directly to the places they originate from.

David Nash is one of Britain’s foremost sculptors. In a career spanning 40 years he has explored the living nature of wood, it’s resistance, vulnerability symbolism, and colour, and few artists are so identified with their material of choice. Drawing has also always been a fundamental part of David Nash’s work. This can be in the form of a geneology of his ideas or his response to sculptures he has created, initial ideas for future works or his observance of his planted works. Nash has been working with these living sculptures, like Ash Dome (twenty-two ash saplings planted in a circle, that have been guided and fletched to grow into a dome in March 1977), since the 1970s and they form an important part of his working practice.