Archived exhibition
3rd Floor Gallery

Naum Gabo
Gabo’s Stones

30 October–17 December 2014

This October Annely Juda Fine Art will be exhibiting works by Naum Gabo, which focus on his series of stone sculptures and drawings.

Gabo conceived his first stone sculpture in 1933. In Gabo’s first experiment with stone, he encircled it with white plastic and a halo of black plastic, which gave the heavy mass of stone a dynamic appearance. He called it Construction: Stone with a Collar. It was not in the form of fossils or seeds or any other natural object that Gabo discovered his forms, his inspiration came from his experiences of abstract events in nature.

Gabo made stone sculptures over some thirty-seven years and 13 of these will be shown in this exhibition, alongside drawings and monoprints by Gabo directly related to his stone sculptures.

Gabo did not simply copy nature, but was inspired by more abstract events in the natural world, which he interpreted in his forms. He explained how he saw beauty in things that are not typically appreciated: “in the bends of waves on the sea between the openwork of foaming crests.” Gabo was pleasantly surprised at how well he adapted to this new medium.

“The mere touch of the engraving tool on wood evoked in me the feeling that I was doing carving and was unexpectedly in my own element”

The exhibition includes thirteen sculptures and fourteen drawings, which will be exhibited on the 3rd floor.