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Anthony Caro
New Galvanised Sculptures

13 September–26 October 2007

Caro is internationally renowned for his steel sculptures – sometimes on a large outdoor scale and sometimes small, lyrical table top pieces. This exhibition will include four monumental galvanised sculptures - and one ungalvanised steel/wood work - all of which were made from 2005 to 2007. The largest, Jupiter, is almost four metres long and two and a half meters tall.    The dialogue between sculpture and architecture is a major interest of Caro’s and these new sculptures are the latest to explore this area – often incorporating found steel objects: girders, mesh, tubes etc. These works are however the first in which Caro has galvanised the steel. The silver sheen of the zinc coating compli- ments coloured elements which recall Caro’s painted sculptures from the 1960s and 1970s.
Despite being in his early 80s Caro’s energy is undiminished and the works in this show are testimony to his incredible spirit and continual originality. It follows the success of his major retrospective held at Tate Britain in 2005.

The exhibition will take place over two floors at Annely Juda Fine Art including the recently expanded third floor gallery space. It has been organised in collaboration with Mitchell Innes and Nash Gallery in New York who will also be showing large galvanised sculptures in their new gallery space in Chelsea, New York from 19 October to 21 November 2007.