Archived exhibition
4th Floor Gallery

Edwina Leapman
New Paintings

28 January–27 March 2010

Edwina Leapman has been shown in solo exhibitions in the UK and across Europe since 1974.  Her work comes from an important tradition of post war abstraction inspired in part by Mark Rothko and the American Abstract Expressionists. This exhibition comprises 20 new paintings made from 2007 to 2009. 

Leapman’s work has always  been based on line and process – paint is stroked in  parallel lines across a contrasting ground from left to right.  Recent work has shown a development in increasingly dense and complex grounds – often made up of many layers of different colours.  In this exhibition the development is also applied to the lines – often visibly made up from several hues.   The lines have also become more fragmented – sometimes almost skipping across the canvas creating an optical dance.     

Leapman’s works are sometimes subtle, sometimes dynamic but always show great sensitivity to colour, light and line.   As she asserts “colours have to work, have to vibrate. There has to be tension. If you don’t have that tension the work could not have any energy or vitality”.

The exhibition is accompanied by a 40 page fully illustrated catalogue including an insightful interview with the artist by Ian Hunt.  The show and this interview highlight the contribution that Leapman (and artists of her generation) have made and continue to make to British Abstract Art. 

Edwina Leapman’s works are held in several major collections including the Tate Gallery and the Arts Council, London