Archived exhibition
4th Floor Gallery

David Nash
Recent Sculptures and Colour Works

16 September–23 October 2010

Annely Juda is proud to announce a solo exhibition of sculpture and drawn works by gallery artist, and internationally renowned sculptor, David Nash, RA.  The exhibition will include more than 25 works, both monumental and personal in scale, consisting of carved monoliths, charred wall pieces, groupings and two dimensional colour works.

Nash has developed his sculpted work consistently from the Seventies, using trees as his center of exploration.  His intimate knowledge of their characteristics, both in life and in the morphology that continues after being cut down, has informed his artistic development. His ability to communicate in sculptural form the often profound, yet non-verbal connection between man and nature has been the hallmark of Nash’s work.  

Standing before these abstract sculptures feels somehow a more human experience than looking at a purely figurative work of art.  It comes from the way in which Nash examines and listens to each piece of wood he chooses.  The man-made forms thus seem entirely natural, without striving to re-create nature itself.

Nash further extends his instinctive, pensive creative process with his Colour Works.  Although these works are on paper, Nash does not deem them drawings.  He is interested in the quality of the raw pigment, not in its form as paint, crayon or pencil.  They are impressions, mutable on some level and, as with his other work, emphasize the nature of the medium.