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Acting Out Nottingham 2015: Suzanne Treister, Post-Surveillance Art

24 March 2015

PREVIEW: Thursday 9 April, 18:00–20:00
EXHIBITION: 10 April–9 May 
OPENING TIMES: Thursday–Saturday, 12:00–18:00, or by appointment.
VENUE: Primary, Nottingham, NG7 1NU

Suzanne Treister’s Post-Surveillance Art is a brazen, colourful and psychedelic comment on our post-Edward Snowden reality. This exhibition takes contemporary surveillance culture as a given and attempts to represent what this culture looks like, its imagery, its vocabulary, its aspirations and its potential futures. Reflecting a post-surveillance mindset, the work plays with the imagery of organisations that store all our data, such as NSA and GCHQ and suggests future hypothetical social states of being and awareness. The posters are ambiguous in their political position, with their vivid colours, computerised graphics and bold proclamations representing ‘a kind of hallucinogenic drug induced visionary landscape, a kind of pop poetry’ for our post-surveillance age.

Since the late 1980s Treister’s work has explored new developments and histories of technology, investigating structures of power, both visible and hidden. Through her revelations Treister allows us to re-act to these systems of knowledge and assumptions of truths.

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