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Anthony Caro. Masterpieces from the Würth Collection

5 February 2014

7 February 2014–4 January 2015

The Musée Würth France hosts a retrospective memorial exhibition devoted to the greatest English sculptor of his generation, Anthony Caro, who died in October 2013. The exhibition titled, Anthony Caro. Masterpieces from the Würth Collection, showcases an exceptional range of his works drawn from the past 40 years. The Würth Collection of Caro is the largest in Europe.

The large room on Musée Würth’s ground floor is unique in being able to display the artist’s most important sculpture of the 90s, The Last Judgement. Shown for the first time in France, this narrative sculpture comments on the realities of a millennium torn by war, atrocities, greed and excess. It draws its inspiration from Greek mythology, Biblical writings and art history.

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