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Christo announces project ‘L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped’ for April 2020

3 April 2019

The Centre des Monuments Nationaux, the Centre Pompidou and Christo announce

L'Arc De Triompe, Wrapped
(Project for Paris, Place de L'Étoile - Charles de Gaulle)

Christo, in close collaboration with the Centre Pompidou and the Centre des monuments nationaux, will create a temporary artwork in Paris entitled l’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped (Project for Paris, Place de l’Étoile-Charles de Gaulle). This artwork will be on view for 14 days, from Monday, April 6, to Sunday, April 19, 2020. The arch will be wrapped in 25,000 square metres of recyclable polypropylene fabric in silvery blue, and 7,000 metres of red rope. [...] 

In 1961, three years after they met in Paris, Christo and Jeanne-Claude began creating works of art in public spaces. One of their projects was to wrap a public building. At the time, Christo, who was renting a small room near the Arc de Triomphe, made several studies of a project there, including, in 1962, a photomontage of the Arc de Triomphe wrapped, seen from the Avenue Foch. In the 1970s and 1980s, Christo created a few additional studies. Almost 60 years later, the project will finally be concretized.

Image: Christo
The Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, Place de l'Etoile, Charles de Gaulle, Paris
Collage 2019
11 x 8 1/2” (28 x 21.5 cm)
Pencil, wax crayon, enamel paint, photograph by Wolfgang Volz and tape
Photo: André Grossmann 
© 2019 Christo

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