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David Nash and Roger Ackling at the RWA Bristol

24 June 2019

Fire: Flashes to Ashes in British Art 1692-2019
15 June –1 September 19
RWA Bristol

'A major exhibition tracing the representation of fire in British art across the last four centuries; exploring the symbolism and meaning the element has had for artists throughout history. 'Fire: Flashes to Ashes in British Art 1692-2019', is the third in a series of element-themed exhibitions at the RWA, bringing together a number of important historic, modern and contemporary artworks. In turns destructive and creative, fearsome and fascinating, fire is a subject loaded with symbolism, ritual and emotion.
Unsurprisingly, the subject of fire has drawn in artists throughout the ages. This exhibition will examine how artists’ approaches have changed over time, recording historical, religious, domestic or natural events as well as exploring fire as a material phenomenon informed by contemporary themes and issues.
This exhibition shows how vital fire has been to the human experience, through technology, storytelling and symbolism and how the duality of our relationship with the element continues to fascinate in the 21st century.'

Image: A visitor looking at sculptures by Roger Ackling

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