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Van Gogh Museum ‘Hockney - Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature’

4 March 2019

1 March - 26 May 2019

The exhibition Hockney - Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature has officially openend last Friday at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and will be running until the 26th of May this year! For more details see the link below.

'The world-famous art of David Hockney (1937) is colourful and colossal. Hockney is inspired by nature, he makes use of bright colours and experiments with perspective. Van Gogh also dealt with this. The resemblances between the two artists are no coincidence. Vincent van Gogh was a great source of inspiration for David Hockney. Discover more parallels in the exhibition Hockney - Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature.'

Image: David Hockney painting 'May Blossom on the Roman Road', 2009 © David Hockney. Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Gonçalves de Lima 

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