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Nigel Hall @ Sculpture In The City, London

4 July 2014

We are delighted to annouce the inclusion of three sculptures in this year's Sculpture in the City in London by Nigel Hall: 'Southern Shade I', 'Southern Shade V' and 'Kiss'. They are located on Lime Street and Fenchurch Avenue respectively, outside Willis. Sculpture in the City consists of a selection of contemporary pieces in and around the Square Mile. Other contemporary artists include; Cerith Wyn Evans, Lynn Chadwick, Ben Long, Julian Wild, Paul Hosking, Peter Randall-Page, Anthony Gormley, Jim Lambie and Richard Wentworth. The event runs until the end of May, 2015.

On the Southern Shade works, Nigel says: "despite my work being resolutely non-figurative, throughout my life I have made studies of the natural and man-made world around me. These are made from a simple enjoyment of the forms I come across but are not at the forefront of my mind when engaged in my studio activities. They must, however, be making their presence felt at some subconscious level. For the sculptures that make up the Southern Shade series share with the drawings an involvement with interwoven linear elements, some free in space and others entangled in a shadow interior
which echo the shaded canopy of the trees and their complex latticework of branches. The various elements that comprise the works are expressed as potentially separate parts implying the possibility of shifting and changing. As with all my sculpture, I attempt to make the works light on their feet, countering the drag of gravity with a visual uplift, just as nature strives to do".

‘Kiss’ is one of a group of three related sculptures (the others being ‘Transformer’ and ‘The Now’), in which the two dissimilar elements, wedge and cone, are brought together to form a visual and physical whole. In the case of the other two works, they are in direct contact and reliant on each other for support. In the case of ‘Kiss’, they are self-sufficient physically but have a strong visual relationship created by the narrow channel of space that separates them. Despite their obvious formal difference, they both contain in their geometry, a volume, a line and a point. Their respective points come into close proximity near the apex of the sculpture.

Sculpture in the City

Location map

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