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Philipp Goldbach VIA LUCIS Kunstverein Ruhr, Essen

28 February 2015

From 22.2 - 10.5.15, the photographer and conceptual artist Philipp Goldbach, presents no less than 200,000 pictures simultaneously in his exhibition at Kunstverein Ruhr in Essen. He decided on a special form of display and visualization: he does not exhibit each picture individually but physically confronts us with the said amount of material that is enough to fill a wall like an immense bar code. All images are taken from the old slide collection at the Institute of Art History of the University of Cologne, which has been discharged after the introduction of digital imagery. Goldbach transforms the - for teaching purposes now redundant - photographic material into an impressive and evident installation. This way he brings material to attention that served art historians and their lecturers alike as foundation to their scientific work over years until it was dismissed by technical growth.

The latin exhibition title VIA LUCIS refers to a script of the same name by the philosopher and theologian Johann Comenius, in which he promotes the creation of a universal language that leads to understanding of the nature of things and reconciliation of man. By the artist the corresponding excerpt is shown as a ROM (read-only memory) and presented as a visualized and legible sculpture.

The motif of a ‘Lingua Universalis’ here marks a continuity in desire for enlightenment in an era of analogue photography as well as in the digital age.

VIA LUCIS is a walkable installation, which will be visible through their display window at night.

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