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Sarah Oppenheimer in ‘Negative Space. Trajectories of Sculpture’ at ZKM

23 March 2019

6 April - 11 August 2019

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien

'The last exhibition, which dealt comprehensively with the question »What is modern sculpture?«, took place in 1986 at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris under the title Qu'est-ce que la sculpture moderne?. The exhibition Negative Space at ZKM | Karlsruhe picks up the spear where the Centre Pompidou dropped it. [...]

Since classical antiquity the history of Western sculpture has been closely related to the idea of the body. Informed by this conception, historical sculpture rests on three elementary categories - mass, volume, and gravity - whether it is body-related as with Auguste Rodin or abstract as with Richard Serra. The seminal achievement of twentieth-century artists was that they conceived sculpture from the starting point of space. [...] The sculpture of the twentieth century is pendent, not standing; not ponderous but floating; not full but empty, airy, and light; not opaque but diaphanous; not real but virtual; not massy but slim.

With its 200 exemplary artworks the exhibition Negative Space - Trajectories of Sculpture tells a new story of sculpture in the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries.'

Image: Sarah Oppenheimer
Aluminum, glass and architecture
Total dimensions variable
Installation view: Kunsthaus Baselland. Switzerland. 2014

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