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Suzanne Treister in Anonymity no longer an option

28 April 2015

Suzanne Treister’s post surveillance artwork will be exhibited at the collaborative exhibition by SEVEN.


Anonymity no longer an option

SEVEN, Pierogi The Boiler, Brooklyn, New York, USA

May 8-17 2015


Implied by the title, the premise of the exhibition is the prevalence of surveillance.

With the word-wide use of technology, and social media, we sometimes willingly share information, and at other times, we are unwary of the extent that our personal information is shared online, under the guise that platforms are private and secure. Edward Snowden, whistleblower and former NSA contractor, revealed that US intelligence, and it’s partners including the UK, Israeli and German spy agencies are involved in warrantless mass surveillance of citizens domestically and abroad.  In short, we have less privacy than we thought.  

In this exhibition the notion of surveillance is examined in various ways by seven different artists.

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