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Yuko Shiraishi: A Day at Imprints - Galerie in France

28 September 2019

Imprints-Galerie is presenting an exhibition by Yuko Shiraishi entitled "A Day" a series of 12 printed woodcuts in the imprints studio during the months of June and July 2019. Hand printed by Matthew Tyson, mixing Japanese and European techniques, each image represents a period of 2 hours in the cycle of 24. Strips of contrasting colors and tones ranging from delicate layered organic brushes to more granular and combed sections of the surface mingle to create a formal space. Shades of light and color stand out from the subtle layers. While this preoccupation with the formal qualities of painting and composition rooted Shiraishi's work in the genre of abstract painting and the American color field, her works are sensual and evocative. The "A Day" series has already been exhibited at the Hayama Museum of Modern Art in Japan and has been acquired through public collections across Europe.


The exhibition runs from 28 September until 3 November 2019

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