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Yuko Shiraishi at the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura&Hayama

22 June 2019

Beyond the Visible
July 13 – September 8, 2019

'Art has the power to seek out raw beauty in the world and give it a visible form. In search of new incarnations of that sensibility, we take a look at the work of five artists working in genres as diverse as painting, photography, installation, film, and dance, all of whose work is concerned with what is felt beyond the realm of the visible by eyes, spirits and bodies located in contemporary spaces. Featuring work by Ichinose Chihiro (b. 1975), Sakai Yukina (b. 1985), Shiraishi Yuko(b. 1956), Tsugami Miyuki (b. 1973), and Mitake Isa (b. 1956).'

Image: Yuko Shiraishi
Moon Drop 1996
Oil on canvas
Collection of the artist
Courtesy of Shigeru Yokota Gallery

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