David Nash, Return to the Forest

Grizedale Forest Centre June 17th - December 12th 2021

From February 1978 to May 1978 David Nash and his young family came to Grizedale Forest where he undertook the second artist’s residency opportunity which helped give Grizedale its name as the first Forest for Sculpture. During this period Nash made a number of key pieces which led on to and inspired further works beyond the residency.

Nash says of this time:

‘This residency gave me the opportunity to experience a forest coming out of winter into spring, three months of continuous focus without fitting the work around a day job. There were many fallen trees available as material and support from the forest management made them accessible. New ideas emerged which I was able to realise and take forward in the years to come. It was a very important time for me on many levels.’

This exhibition will showcase for the first time, drawings, sculptures and photographs made during this informative period.



June 14, 2021
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