Book release - "ROGER ACKLING. The Invisible appears" by Lydie Rekow-Fond

Pre-order English translation of the recently published book on Roger Ackling by Lydie Rekow-Fond
Roger Ackling expresses the radicality of his approach with these words: "I am always making the same piece." The simplicity of his vocabulary and the rigour of his protocol remained constant, despite the diversity of mediums – fragments of wooden objects found in the landscape. Working with a magnifying glass and the sun (a form and a gesture), he silently writes how time passes: "Each burnt dot is a moment – a now, joining up into a line."

The present study is written by the contemporary art historian, Lydie Rekow-Fond. It is based on unpublished documents, writings and on the experience and frequentation of the artist in his creative projects and exhibitions. Following the progressive chronological development of the works, she exposes the step-by-step journey, from the wood fragment (a banal scrap) to the fully fledged art object that aims for the absolute. This book highlights the artist’s relationship to Zen philosophy, primitivism, Land Art, minimalism and phenomenology.

 The work of Roger Ackling is presented, here, as an incentive to see beyond the mere object of contemplation and anticipates another interpretation of the form. They are considered to be a manifestation of the invisible.



June 16, 2021
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