Suzanne Treister launches NFT with K21

The K21 Collection brings together renowned and emerging figures from the traditional art world and the digital and crypto art movements.   K21 is an ecosystem built around a closed-end art vault of 21 unique and original NFT artworks by a diverse roster of influential and pioneering contemporary, digital, and cryptonative artists. 


For the K21 Collection, Treister has created The Cosmic Number, in which the blockchain is transmuted into a kabbalistic system, giving access to other dimensions through the number 137. An integer of particular importance to quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, 137 is found at the root of the universe and the Kabbalah. Before reaching the K21 vault, the work will pass through the orbit of 137.eth, extending the mystery it perpetuates into a new substrate.


"Inserting the cosmic number 137 into the Blockchain feels like setting off a small chain reaction, or like making a wish, for a democratized, decentralized internet of the future — in other words, the internet we may have hoped to get the first time around. So the effect functions on an imaginary and motivational level, encouraging, I hope, those who encounter and spend time with the project, to work toward resolving the negatives and enhancing the positives of this emerging technology for the benefit of everyone and everything. Or this may happen all by itself, because of the cosmic number 137 doing its own thing with the machine."



July 19, 2021
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