Philipp Goldbach: L'Image et son Double at Centre Pompidou

15 Sep - 13 Dec 2021


"L’Image et son double" features some sixty works from the Centre Pompidou collection, by some twenty international artists, including: Pierre Boucher, Man Ray, Raoul Ubac, Constantin Brancusi, Berenice Abbott, Hirofumi Isoya, Miklos Erdely, Timm Ulrichs, Paolo Gioli, Sara Cwynar, Kanji Wakae, Wallace Berman, Bruno Munari, Pati Hill, Eric Rondepierre, Susan Meiselas, and Philipp Goldbach. Several of the works presented are recent acquisitions, thanks notably to the Centre Pompidou Group of Friends of Photography (GAP).


The collective exhibition entitled "L’Image et son double" brings together works generated by a meditation on one of the key properties of photography, perhaps even its most intrinsic, namely reproduction. It sparks a dialogue between historic and contemporary photographic works, shedding light on the very nature of photography and its specific features, such as its deep-rooted ties with the other arts.


L'Image et son Double at Centre Pompidou

October 11, 2021
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