Catherine Lee American, b. 1950

Catherine Lee, born 1950 in Pampa, Texas is an American painter, scultptor and printmaker.  She studied art at San Jose State University, California and lived and worked in New York for thirty years  from the early 70’s before returning to Texas in the late 1990’s. She as been an influential teacher at Princetown and Columbia Universities and the University of Texas, San Antonio.


Lee’s abstract paintings and sculptures embody the tension between the flat landscape of Texas where she grew up, and the verticality of New York.  Reflecting a postminimalist attention to material, process, and form, her works contrast geometric, modernist grids with varying tactile surfaces such as glazed ceramic, painted metals and textured oil paint.  Lee is skilled at exploring the implications and histories of her materials, as in her copper-clad sculptures, who’s fragments fit together like a geometric puzzle or tectonic plates.


Annely Juda Fine Art has featured Lee’s works in solo and group shows in London and she has shown widely in the USA, Japan, and the rest of Europe.  Her works are included in major public collections and musuems around the world including Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA and the Tate Gallery, London, UK.