Graham Williams British, b. 1940

Graham Williams’ sculptures are concerned with light, space and material form. He exploits the qualities of his medium – most commonly stainless steel and bronze – to enhance reflection and the play of light on different surfaces. In some of his more recent sculptures he has also introduced a vivid use of primary hues. With meticulous concern for process Williams creates sculptures of purity and simplicity in material, colour and form.


“My images involve balance and movement, time and space, and my pleasure in looking at the natural world is included in my work. How we feel seems as real as how we look and it is with feelings, not with representation, that I am involved. We know our world in so many ways; often so subtle we can’t put it into words. We know nearness – of a lover, of danger, of something else alive. We strain to know nearness in the dark and we are peaceful knowing it in the light. …….. abstract understandings are the emotional element in much of my work and whilst there is no representation of nature many of my sculptures are obviously organic. My work seeks simplicity, to be a form from which everything unnecessary has been stripped away”


Graham Williams first started making sculpture in 1987. He is also a distinguished artist in the field of fine hand printing and wood engraving. He has exhibited internationally over several decades and his works on paper and sculpture are in public and private collections across the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, the West Indies and USA.