László Moholy Nagy : A Life in Motion: Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings and Photography

18 October - 18 December 2004

László Moholy-Nagy (b. Hungary 1895 - d. Chicago 1946) was one of the most versatile artists of the twentieth century: a pioneer in painting, sculpture, photography and photograms as well as film making and design. He was also an ardent educator and arguably the most active and influential member of the Bauhaus both during its years in Weimer and in Berlin. In 1937 he dedicatedly continued the school's educational mission by establishing 'The New Bauhaus' in Chicago.


This exhibition, comprising over 50 works, charted Moholy's work from his early figurative paintings (1917) and drawings to the experimental photograms and photography of his final years. Exceptional and important examples of his Constructivist paintings were on show alongside his ground breaking photomontages. Also exhibited was one of his Perspex sculptures - a medium that he used to stunning effect in two and three dimensions. The works on display highlighted Moholy's success at expressing a unified vision through many different media.


This was an unique and rare opportunity to view the diversity of Moholy's innovation and to see the creative brilliance of one of the twentieth century's most dynamic and important artists.