Lesley Foxcroft : Combination

2 April - 15 May 2004

Lesley Foxcroft’s work uses simple, everyday materials such as card, packaging and MDF. By methods of folding, cutting, pressing and stacking, Foxcroft arranges the material on the floor and up walls to create a dialogue between the two. These installations thereby make the commonplace aesthetic and the two-dimensional architectural.


In a recent statement Lesley Foxcroft said: “At Annely Juda Fine Art I am making new work mainly using MDF.  The pieces use and relate to the architecture of the space taking into account the floor and the walls. The works are drawings with materials. They are made simply, where possible laying or resting the MDF pieces on top, in between or underneath each other. The pieces relate to an earlier work that I made at Haus Bill in Switzerland where wall works reflected the floor structure.”


Foxcroft has exhibited widely throughout Europe since 1974. This is her first exhibition with Annely Juda Fine Art and comprises 8 new MDF works and a selection of earlier paper and cardboard drawings.